Happy 17th of May 2015

by Lisa Cheah

If you're wanting to experience a moment that makes most Norwegians proud, then you should absolutely come to Norway during our constitution day, 17. mai. At least I think so. 

17 mai is probably up there on the list as my favourite holiday! 

Norway celebrates it's independence much, much better than any country I have ever seen and this is also the few times you'll see life in it's folks. Not to mention,everyone tries to dress their best and makes Norway look like one big runway show. I'm serious. 

So even if you're just here to check out cute Norwegian chicks, this is seriously the time to do. 
When people ask me when they should come visit Norway. Preferably in a time where it's not too cold/not too hot/not to rainy, I will almost always say May. And 17th of May is all the more reasons to come then! 

Personally, I think having the chance to witness a celebration always makes the travel so much more worthwhile, to be able to blend in with the crowds and celebrate with the locals is always something I value very highly. It's basically a once time a year attraction! 

Here are some snapshots from that day courtesy of Magnar. My phone had unfortunately died on me, so I had no pictures of my own. :)

Not quite your Norwegian looking person.